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Vacuum discs

Vacuum discs

Vacuum fragranced discs 🤩🤩


The smell when you hoover, unreal and only £1.50 for 3 discs!! Vacuum Fresheners are highly fragranced, long-lasting and very simple to use. They will fill your home with a whole load of scent each time you vacuum... use all 3 at one time!


DIRECTIONS – When removing our vacuum freshener from the packaging wear gloves or use the packaging to avoid transferring the oils onto your skin. Feel where hot air blows out from your vacuum, this is the filter you are looking for. Filters need replacing over time so in most vacuums, the plastic cover will twist off allowing you to get to the filter. Unscrew the plastic cover and place our vacuum freshener on top of the material filter or mesh present in your vacuum. If this option is not available you may place our vacuum freshener inside the bag or cylinder.

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