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Reed diffusers 100ml - Aftershave dupes

Reed diffusers 100ml - Aftershave dupes

How to use our Diffusers
•Carefully remove the plastic stopper at the top of your bottle
• Insert the Fibre Reeds (always use new reeds with a new fragrance)
• After a few hours time, flip the reeds to ensure the fragrance is evenly distributed
• For the best scent in your home, flip the reeds every week
Why try our Diffusers?
• Diffusers are flameless so your chosen fragrance can keep scenting your home all day long • Perfect for a home with children and/or pets, as there is no naked flame to keep them away from! • Great value - our diffusers last approximately 2 months • Each product is hand poured with love Safety Info • Do not light the reeds, highly flammable! •Keep away from children and pets. • Avoid contact with skin and eyes and always wear gloves when handling reeds. • Not for consumption - if swallowed seek immediate medical advice. • Do not place bottle or reeds directly on unprotected surfaces, as they may damage or stain furniture and fabrics • Keep away from sources of ignition as highly flammable. 

Disclaimer: Our Fragrance Oils are similar to the luxurious high end scents. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company.
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